Monday, April 30, 2012

Soul Mate

Faces of souls pass me by
As the countless years
Go flying by.

I wonder why I tried
So hard to fit in…
To blend in.

When I realized that
All I was doing was living a lie,

I made a promise to myself
to live the way I
Want and to be free.

I give love to everybody
And it’s left
Me rather lonely.

All I want…
All I need…
All I desire…

…is someone by my side.
My eternal one.
The one my heart beats for.

My twin in love,
My twin in passion,
My twin in music.
The one who’d love
My soul for eternity.

The one who’d want
To save me if I
Were suddenly dying.

Where are you, my love?
I’m crying for you,
Can’t you hear me?

I’ve been praying to the stars
And making wishes
On my necklaces
For your arrival.

But you haven’t come.

My invitation is
Wide open for you.
I’m waiting for you
To rescue me from
All this madness.

For you will be worshiped
With all of my body and soul
As you worship me the same.

Some would say that
That kind of love is
Too powerful.
Our minds can’t handle it.

Some say only God
Loves you like that.

What is God?
What are we?
What is life?
What is my worst fear?
It’s the unknown.
I don’t like surprises.

I just want to spend
Eternity with you.

I want company
That melts with my mind.
That see things as
Crazy and bizarre and weird
To others
That are perfectly normal to us.

I know what you look like.
You have long dark silky hair
And light blue eyes.
How can I find you?
I want to go where you live.
Meet my mate in blood.

I want to mix our blood
And bury it in the earth
So we will be
Married to Her.

I’ve found
Bits and pieces
Of you.

You’re in my friends.
You’re in my family.
You’re even in my
Kitties of now and then.

Egyptians worshiped cats.
So do I!
So do you.

Where are you?
If I find a place
Where you’re at,
I’ll move there.

Because where you’ll
Be is near others like us.

Are you in New Orleans
With all the magic,
Vampires and blood rituals?

Will we meet in an absinthe bar
And share each other’s sugar cubes?

Perhaps I have to travel
All the way across the ocean
To Europe
Where my heart lies,
And has for a very long time.

Where to start?
I’ve no clue.
But my mind makes plans.

Oh, indeed it does.

You’re out there somewhere.
We’ll find each other someday.

I believe this because
I just do.

Everyone has a twin.
And everyone has
A soul mate.

We’re connected
You and I.

And right now
Thinking about
Like I’m
Thinking about

Copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2011

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