Monday, April 30, 2012

Voices In My Head

Voices stare back at
me as an unknown
caller tries to talk.
The silence almost
drives me crazy and
I don't understand
what's gotten into me.
Why do all these thoughts
keep occupying my brain?
Keep telling me
that I've gone insane!
A tranquil symphony orchestra
sings a tune
and I'm again haunted
by you.
I can't turn down the voices
for they are stuck on high.
And he's once again in the way.
I shake him,
I choke him,
but he laughs in my face,
and I can't keep him
from strangling me.
Help me, my Lady,
save me, my Lord,
from him,
the voices,
and the reoccurring
thoughts of you.
I beg of thee to quit
doing this to me,
set me free,
let me go!
I dive into the deep end
and with every breath
I swallow water.
Cold, heartless, ice water,
and I see you coming
from above to save me.
I take your hand and you
bring me to the surface.
I lie there eyes closed,
shallow breath while
you breathe life back
into me.
I wake up and stare into
your beautiful eyes.
A true friend's work is never done.
Together we die
and I can breathe you
in like never before. 

Copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2011

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