Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

My heart is with the old and is new.
As I dressed as a Filthy Victorian
Bringing my soul to this very sound
On this All Hallow’s Eve, I celebrate
With my family, for my friends are family
Of the heart, this new year and
Honor those who have gone
onto Summerland
And wait for us there.
The veil is thin and the lightning strikes,
And the candles glow on this creepy
Samhain night.
The porch lights were on before
The storm came through
The small town.
And trick or treaters came
For their treats and Halloween wishes.
The power went off and on
While the music kept eerily playing on.
Could this be pranksters, the storms,
Or from beyond the grave?
I’m thinking all three.
This night was filled with
Costumes galore, as
The party of friends
Filled the rooms of
The Filthy Victorian and
Her beloved kitty familiars home.
The party lasted well into the night
The food was good and got eaten
And pictures were taken of all
The costumes.
Now the night is over and
It’s time for slumber.
For dreams of witches
On brooms and spirits
Coming to visit to say their
Thoughts of love and more

All on this Halloween night!

Copyright © 2013 Karen Elizabeth Waters

Friday, August 30, 2013

Vampire Love

His eyes burn with passion

As he looks at me with hunger.

I shudder at the site of his fangs.

But this quickens my pulse.

I’m eager to let him feed upon me.

I know he won’t hurt me, for

He has feelings for me.

Lust’s burning between us.

He calls me Mistress, and lets me

Dominate him.

Funny for it is I who feels dominated by

This beautiful creature.

His kisses are hot and travel down my

My chin to my neck where I pull him closer.

Teeth break skin and I feel my blood flow

Into his mouth.

The shear ecstasy as I feel him getting aroused.

I respond and moan.

I know he can read my mind as he drinks my elixir.

I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life.

To be his and his alone forever.

He stops drinking and looks into my eyes.

Yes, there’s fire in those blue blue eyes.

He bites into his wrist and I gladly drink

His blood relishing the taste.

So sweet.

I will be his now as he is mine.

Together we will rule the night.

We passionately make love under the moonlight.

And when dawn comes, we sleep in each other’s arms

Without a care in the world.

As it should be.

And when the sun sets, we set out to feed

And relish in our vampire love.

Copyright © 2013 Karen Elizabeth Waters

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where is my creativity?

I'm screaming inside my head,
"Get out! Get out! Get out, I said!"
Where is my creativity for the things
I love?
Why can't I write in Raven's Blood?
I can come up with something other
than that.
Why am I'm rhyming suddenly?
Now that's enough of that!

Copyright © 2013 Karen Elizabeth Waters

Friday, February 22, 2013

First Novel in a New Series - Raven's Blood by Karen Elizabeth Waters

Raven's Blood is the first novel in a new series about a band of supernatural beings.

Raven, the lead singer and cello soloist is going through some changes.  She doesn't know that her band mates are all supernatural, just like she is.  The thing is, she doesn't know she's turning into her favorite obsession.  A vampire!

 Below are the links to the Prologue and Chapter's One and Two.

Raven's Blood ~ Prologue and Chapter One

Raven's Blood ~ Chapter Two

Copyright © 2013 Karen Elizabeth Waters

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Victorian Asylum commercial

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!

Come see the spectacle of the mad and the insane.
Then read the three stories posted on this blog.

 Coming soon!  The talk radio show series!

This is big people!  Check it out!

Story One - Better Off Dead -

Story Two - Dearly Departed -

Story Three -  Eugenia -

Friday, February 8, 2013

Follow the White Rabbit...: Darkness

Follow the White Rabbit...: Darkness: This is a poem I wrote during Thanksgiving last year.  It's about a conversation between my blood sister, Kristen Waters, and myself.  I'm still in the dark when it concerns this subject.  I suppose I will understand what she means when the time comes.

She says that there's a darkness within. I agree with her and I'm trying to kick it out! I know it's been brewing for many years. It just...


She says that there's a darkness within.
I agree with her and I'm trying to kick it out!
I know it's been brewing for many years.
It just sits there and rots and festers,
killing the parts of my body that I need most.
I try to make sense of it.
Try to figure where it came from and when.
But it clouds my brain along with
my medication and my strange way of believing.
My strange way of thinking.
I asked her if it was a demon?
She claimed not.
I asked was this happening to me because of
my love for the darker things in life?
She claimed not again.
Then I fell into a drugged sleep
and lost everything, including all my dreams
and memories of then and now.
She says, "Wake the fuck up!"
I am most of the time.
She then says that's not what she means.
Everything is encrypted.
What is then is now and what is now is then.
There are several dimensions.
I must go further.
But I LOVE this dimension.  I WANT to
be in this 3D world forever!
That's not possible, she says.
I wish I could get what she's saying.
Maybe then, and only then, will I
be able to understand her.
Until then, not only is there a dark within,
but I'm in the dark about it too.

 Copyright © 2013 Karen Elizabeth Waters