Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hell on Earth!

The city is restless.
Here come the enemies!
They suck off the living,
Bask in their suffering.
And the demons
Shall inherit the Earth.

The darkness lives and breathes
Just like you and me,
But lives off fear
And takes control
When we give birth
To sin.

I'd rather not breed
Because I’m not pure.
And those who have,
Have done out of
Greed and selfless

The pure ones are few.
The demons will try
To possess them.
Run little ones!
Your parents are guilty!

Hell on Earth is here!
There’s nowhere to run!
Seek refuge within yourself.
That’s the only place
They haven’t taken yet.

Copyright © 2014 Karen Elizabeth Waters

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Spell to Bring Back My Creativity

I'm putting it out there!
I'm asking the faeries, the muses,
the Goddess and God and the
Arch Angels to bring back
my creativity.

I vow to take time each day
to write in each project.
Day or night,
and I will begin
this new adventure
not with dread, but with
fun and joy!

I will complete my projects!
I will publish my projects!
I will live to see these become famous!

I do not seek fortune but will
not deny what is earned.

I will harm no one in the
creating of these projects
and the gaining of fame.

My right hand man, Zyris
needs to remind me what
I'm suppose to give him.
Was it suppose to be the first
copy of each project signed?

I am envoking the elements,
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to aid me
on this mission.

And using the magickal aid of my kitty, Wabey Baby.
Who's loving me right now.

By the powers of three,
So Mote It Be!

Blessed Be!

Amethyst Rose Silver Moon

Copyright © 2014 Karen Elizabeth Waters