Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

My heart is with the old and is new.
As I dressed as a Filthy Victorian
Bringing my soul to this very sound
On this All Hallow’s Eve, I celebrate
With my family, for my friends are family
Of the heart, this new year and
Honor those who have gone
onto Summerland
And wait for us there.
The veil is thin and the lightning strikes,
And the candles glow on this creepy
Samhain night.
The porch lights were on before
The storm came through
The small town.
And trick or treaters came
For their treats and Halloween wishes.
The power went off and on
While the music kept eerily playing on.
Could this be pranksters, the storms,
Or from beyond the grave?
I’m thinking all three.
This night was filled with
Costumes galore, as
The party of friends
Filled the rooms of
The Filthy Victorian and
Her beloved kitty familiars home.
The party lasted well into the night
The food was good and got eaten
And pictures were taken of all
The costumes.
Now the night is over and
It’s time for slumber.
For dreams of witches
On brooms and spirits
Coming to visit to say their
Thoughts of love and more

All on this Halloween night!

Copyright © 2013 Karen Elizabeth Waters