Friday, August 30, 2013

Vampire Love

His eyes burn with passion

As he looks at me with hunger.

I shudder at the site of his fangs.

But this quickens my pulse.

I’m eager to let him feed upon me.

I know he won’t hurt me, for

He has feelings for me.

Lust’s burning between us.

He calls me Mistress, and lets me

Dominate him.

Funny for it is I who feels dominated by

This beautiful creature.

His kisses are hot and travel down my

My chin to my neck where I pull him closer.

Teeth break skin and I feel my blood flow

Into his mouth.

The shear ecstasy as I feel him getting aroused.

I respond and moan.

I know he can read my mind as he drinks my elixir.

I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life.

To be his and his alone forever.

He stops drinking and looks into my eyes.

Yes, there’s fire in those blue blue eyes.

He bites into his wrist and I gladly drink

His blood relishing the taste.

So sweet.

I will be his now as he is mine.

Together we will rule the night.

We passionately make love under the moonlight.

And when dawn comes, we sleep in each other’s arms

Without a care in the world.

As it should be.

And when the sun sets, we set out to feed

And relish in our vampire love.

Copyright © 2013 Karen Elizabeth Waters