Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blood Lust

Bound by blood that I lust for.
Bound by the night that I live in.
I walk the streets in the dark
looking for my next victim.
Keeping to the shadows.
I spot my next meal and
work my magic.
He's quite handsome,
maybe I'll make him my slave.
I take him into an ally and begin
the slow seduction.
He's trapped by my hypnotizing gaze.
I smile and kiss him on the lips.
I work slowly towards his neck.
I tell him telepathically that
everything is alright.
Then I bite and suck the
life right out of him.
Living his memories with
each swallow.
His soul begins to fade and I stop.
I carefully tell him that he never
met me and he's feeling fine.
He's just lightheaded from drinking
too much.
His blood swims through my body,
giving me life eternal.
I creep back into the shadows and
disappear into the night.
Until the next night, when I
have to repeat the whole ritual again.

 copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2012

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