Monday, April 30, 2012

Dark Angel

Her passion runs deep,
If you tap the vein, you might find it.
She’s never truly exposed herself before.
Alone at night, she sits in the dark and cries.
Her mind holds the key to her transfiguration,
But she needs someone to unlock her
Deepest lusts and fears in order to
Understand her.
Never betray her.
Never leave her.
Never get that close for your own good.
There’s darkness in her heart.
There’s beauty lying under the skin.
There’s lust in her eyes.
There’s ardor in her soul.
She’s dying to get out.
She wants that freedom.
She wants to be saved.
If you think you can handle it,
Never hide yourself.
Come and let this scarred angel fly.

The door is hanging wide open.
Your foot is through…just a few more steps.
The impact is exhausting.
Her beauty is love.  Her love is beautiful.
She’s the angel of a dead caterpillar.
Dreaming forever, flying from flower to flower.
What flower are you?
Just a few more steps.
Just a few more.

Copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2011

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