Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beyond the Grave

What has brought me here?
I'm surrounded by ghosts.
Come back beyond the grave.
What do you want with me,
Faces of Victorian folks?
They utter whispers which
I cannot hear, but only feel
a chilly cold breeze.
I make my way through the crowd
and I feel this pressure against my chest.
They're holding me back.
The whirlwind of faces fly
around the room.
Their desperate cries for
me to hear them.
I want to hear.
one voice.
A female.  Child.
Reaches to me.
"Save us!" She cries!
The voice is far away,
but desperate.
I shout back.
"Open the window and
release our souls!"
Could it be that no one
ever let these souls go
once they died?
I make my way to the window
in the west and unlock it.
It's hard to open.
I push and push and
suddenly it gives and
cracks open.
The air sucks out into the night
and I'm all alone.
Whoever was here is now gone.
"Be at peace everyone." I say
towards the open window.
I leave the room, not
knowing what had just

Copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2012

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