Friday, May 4, 2012

Pond of Love

I gaze out my window and see only the dark heavens and rain.
It falls down and washes away what is left of winter.
I close my eyes and remember the forest that we met each other in.
A small pond I sit next to and dangle my naked feet in.
Around me, a small group of animals curiously look upon me.
I begin to sing to them.
One in particular is a duck.
He crawls up onto my lap and I stroke his feathers.
I fall in love with him and he falls in love with me.
A new found friend for life.
We have an understanding of each other.
I tell him stories of my life, he tells me stories of his.
One day, I return to the pond to see the duck crying. 
I ask him why he is crying.
He tells me that life has cheated him.
I ask him why.
He proceeds to tell me that he wants so much to marry me,
But he is a duck and cannot.
I start crying for I wish it were true.
Suddenly, a magical thing begins to happen.
The duck takes human form and I stare into human eyes.
“I love you,” the duck tells me.
“And I love you,” I tell him.
Together we walk hand in hand out of the forest.

Copyright  ©  Karen Elizabeth Waters 2003

This is my first prose.  Go easy on me...I know it's not the Frog Prince.

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