Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scattered Images

All these broken pieces of glass
shattered for you.
This mirror in front of me reflects
scattered images of all the
personalities that I've become.
A little girl with pigtails,
innocent and shy.
A young teenage girl, lost
in poetry and prose.
A woman with distrust
in her heart.
A wise old woman with
years of wisdom.
All of these in one mind.
One body.  One soul.
To venture out into the world
of the unknown with these
characters, like from a book,
mingle amongst one another
and form their words
carefully trying not to give
away their secrets.
My voice cuts through walls.
My blood runs hot to cold.
Another dead body rotting
in a living body.
What say you?
Forever and always.
How can you criticize?
You know my actions are
not my own.
These possessions take over
me and I have nowhere to turn.
This is it.
This demise.
I take the rope and wrap it
around my neck.
A confused child.
A depressed teen.
A melancholy woman.
A profound thinker.
It's not the past that
I'm afraid to see.
The chair tips over
and snap goes my neck.
All is lost.
And the pieces of me are
trapped in the mirror waiting
for an escape.

Copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2012

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