Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Haunted Piano

In a room lit with candlesticks,
the glow shines down upon
a haunted piano.

The keys move up and down
and play a sad melody
from a time long ago.

I walk towards it and
feel a gentle breeze.
The candle flames
flicker in the wind.

I lie my head down on
the heart of this glorious
instrument and listen
to the hammers inside
hit the strings with precise

The tune is one I know well.
Moonlight Sonata by

I make my way to the bench
and watch the keys move
with the ghostly fingers that
press them.

I sit on the bench and feel
instantly different.
Like someone just entered
my body.

And suddenly I'm playing
the piano like I've never
played it before.

I don't need to know where
my fingers need to go,
I have the music memorized.

It's coming to the end of the song.
I begin to feel sad.
My own feelings.
The soul that's in me feels sad too.

The final chord.
It's over and I'm all alone
with my fingers still holding down
the keys of the final chord.

The ghostly player has left.
All that's left is me and the piano
and the many candlesticks.

I get up and blow one by one out.
Darkness creeps in.
I leave the room and close the door.
It is time for bed.

Copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2012

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