Friday, May 11, 2012

Waking up crying from a nightmare...

I went to bed early tonight (10:30pm) and just woke up crying from a dreadful nightmare!  In it, I was hanging out with my childhood best friend, Sarah.  In the dream she had all these exotic pet snakes that were poisonous.  Their cage fell over in her room along with a fish tank and they were swimming in the water.  I didn't get out in time and I got bit by three of them.  Once on my ankle and twice on my foot.  All on my left leg.  It got swollen so fast and my kitties were there and I frantically had to get them out of that room.  All but one made it.  Stardust got bit and I actually heard her say, "I'm getting sleepy mommy.  I'm so sorry.  I can't stay awake."  Then she died.  One of the snakes was a venom spitting snake and it spit in my kitty, Tristan in the face.  I hurried up and got them out of the room and made it downstairs and told Sarah's dad what had happened.  He quickly called an ambulance and because they lived right next door to the hospital, the EMT's showed up right quickly.

In the mean time, Sarah gathered her pet snakes and let them loose in her yard for some dumb reason.  She had like sixteen of them.  She didn't get all of them so some were loose in the house.  I told Sarah's dad to get my kitties out of there and get them to a vet immediately.  Which he did and he said he would pay for the cost to get them better.

When I got to the hospital, my leg was so swollen, I couldn't walk.  I couldn't feel anything either.  I had peed my pants too because the numbness had gone up into my hips and I had no control of my bladder.  It smelled bad because of the venom.

Fast forward like dreams do.  I was better and went to the vet's to pick up my kitties.  All of them lived, but Stardust.  The killer though, was Tristan had computerized eyes because he was blinded by the spitting snake and he looked like he was in so much pain.  Like I should have put him down instead of letting him be saved.

I woke up crying just a moment ago.  I truly hate nightmares.  Especially ones about snakes.

I remembered that dream detail for detail so I wanted to write it down in my blog.  I'm going back to bed now and I hope the nightmares stay away.

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