Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh long johnson...

I'm sitting here in Chandra's side of the duplex.  We live side by each.  It's great!  I mean really.  How many girls get to hang out with their best friend practically every day?  That's why we say we're sisters.  Well one of the reasons.  There's plenty other reasons why we're sisters. 

Anyhoo, Chandra is strumming away on her guitar learning the song "Come Together"  And if you don't know who that's by, shame on you!

So what to talk about.  I made the comment to her that we should start and all girl band.  I know one thing, I won't be singing.  My voice sucks.  I know it's because I smoke.  My voice has dropped an octave.  No more soprano singing voice.  Hello alto/tenor voice.  It's kinda sexy actually.  But it's not sexy how I got it.

I hate smoking too, that's the thing.  I hate the way it makes me smell, the way I taste things, smell things.  It's kinda like I write therefore I smoke.  I know, that's horrible.  That's the way it used to be when I smoked  (I quit for two years then one day just upped and started smoking again).  I'd have a cigarette hanging from my mouth off to the left side and squinting my left eye to prevent smoke from going into it.  And type the hours away.  That last blog was really fuckin' long so I had to of smoked half a pack of ciggies while I wrote that.  I've got to stop this madness!

*sighs loudly*  I need to change a lot of things going on with me.  And I must not be afraid to try.  It won't harm me to sit down and write out my habits that need to change.  First and foremost is my finances.  I just took on a hefty bill for a year.  Yep, that would be my lappy.  It'll be paid off in a year.  But it's a big bill.  And I have a stupid credit card that I'm paying out the ying yang for.   I should have learned my lesson from my marriage.  Hey, I have no regret for Alice...that's what I named my new lappy.  :o)

I also need to do something about my meds.  My mental meds I'm keeping.  I'm on the right cocktail when it concerns my depression and anxiety and mood swings.  Thank you scientists for creating these wonderful meds to keep me stable.  It took years, and I mean years of trying this med and that med and this cocktail and that cocktail.  But I've finally reached my stable level and I'm not changing it at all, except to go off of them if I can in the future because I can control my mood swings.  I don't see that happening just yet though.

Now my pain meds are something else.  The breakthrough med is good, but the the long term med is messing with my blood sugar, messing with my G.I. system and not really working anymore.  When I see my doctor next time, I'm bringing this up.  No sense in taking them if they're not working, right?  Chandra pulled me up on this.  And she's right.

Ha ha ha..we're watching South Park  The talking cat from America's Funniest Home Videos is on there and he's trending.  "Oh long johnson...oh don piano...oh the live long day..."  Funny shit!

Well chillens, I'm gonna play the Sims for a little while.  I'm so happy I can play the Sims again.  Well, for the first time.  It;s the 3rd version of Sims.  The currant game that's out now.

I shall talkactcha later.  Lots of hugs and kisses to everyone.

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