Monday, March 26, 2012

Narcissistic Duo

You were the epitome of all things wonderful.
Until the day you betrayed me.
I’ve always hated you for your beauty.
Because you didn’t earn it properly.
Eating laxatives and forcing yourself
To throw-up.
That’s not a real diet.
Then when you got down to the size you wanted,
All you did was complain that you were fat.
Then you started to starved yourself.
You weren’t satisfied with yourself.
You even applied for an Extreme Make-Over.
I mean, who does that???
And you’re not even a girl!
You’re a gay boy.  A confused gay boy.
You don’t even deserve to be called a man.
You used me, you used your family, you
Used anyone who you could benefit from.
Fucking liar!
I hope you understand what you did to
Me wasn’t cool, but no, I’m sure you
Know you were using me on purpose
And that you could because I have
A kind heart.
I wonder if you miss me.
Knowing you had a true friend in me?
Or if you just moved onto your next victim.
And I wonder if she knows you’re using her.
Or if she just doesn’t care.
She used me too, so you two should get
Along perfectly as best friends.
One using the other.
You’re both narcissistic!
Both using anybody in your way.
I wonder if your husband is putting
Up with all your bullshit.
Probably because he doesn’t know
How to take care of himself.
If it were me that was being used for my money,
I’d take control of the money and make sure you
Worked for whatever money you wanted to spend.
But that’s me.
I’m done in all this.
No one will ever use me again.
And if someone does, so help me
Heads will spin.

copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2012

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