Monday, March 12, 2012

An Actor's Monologue

It’s time for the words to come to my head
and all I have on my mind
is getting the hell out of this town.
Destination unknown as of yet,
but I want to go where I can
live my life without them.
Soon I won’t have any sanity left
and I’m already running
out of places to go
and people to choke.
This smoked filled air reminds me
of a scene I once was in,
but now that’s non-existent.
Cars drive by and the passengers
stare at me sitting here
smoking my cigarette.
Teeth chatter, but I stay
in my favorite chair outside.
I wonder when the snow will start to fall
and how much there’ll be.
Counting the days until Christmas.
I wonder what everyone got me.
Sky is dark,
clouds fly by,
wind blows hard,
traffic stands still.
All the leaves on the ground dance
to a lonely forgotten tune,
but I can hear them tell their tale
as they blow past my feet.
What time is it anyway?
Way past my bedtime.
So what do I do?
I light up one more cigarette.
Do you ever wonder what you’ll
be doing years from now?
Do you ever wonder if the end
of the world is near?
I do at times,
but not today.
Today I’m thinking about
nothing in particular.
Here comes the mailman.
Anything for me?
Just junk mail and another
Publishers Clearing House  thing.
Just imagine how much paper is
wasted on all that damn junk mail.
How much is just tossed into the garbage
without looking at it first.
To bad we didn’t get paid to look
at all that useless mail.
We’d all be rich, I bet.
So now what can I do?
Nothing I guess.
Think I’ll go back inside
and get some rest.
And when I wake up,
who knows what I’ll be thinking of.
Here comes the snow.
There goes my cigarette.
Time to retire.
Time to put away my
notebook and pen.

copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters

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