Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Waking Dreams

Life is just a waking dream,
You know what I mean?
And every time I sleep the
fucked-up dreams I have
haunt me.
Replaying memories
of years gone by.
Playing that same film
I can explain most of them.
The repetition of the
The strangeness of
being out of school
for twenty plus years
and still dreaming about
the assholes who made me
hate that place.
Not trying so hard at achieving
something then.
Just wanting to get the hell out.
No longer working
because of health
and dreaming that
I still take care of the elderly.
The different worlds I visit nightly.
And there's music always in the air.
It's been a while since I've dreamed
of tornadoes or the ocean or having
my teeth fall out.
They're so vivid.
The colors are brighter.
The sounds and music swirl
all around me and inside me.
It's like I died and my mind
is entertaining me with my
regrets and wishes.
And all mine.

copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2012

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