Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Way It Always Should Have Been

Your rage tore me up inside,
all I ever wanted from you was
your love. 
I wanted to be loved by you.
You pushed me away back then.
Pushed me to the limits that
I had to cut myself to feel better.
Yeah, I did it because of you.
For the first time.
The rest was with other reasons.
Yeah, you were the one who
made me act out like that.
And I couldn't tell anyone!
Then I would have been
taken out of our home.
Away from my sister.
Away from my dad.
All the cruel things
you said to me,
gone now washed
down the drain.
I've spoken to the doctors
and they've all showed me
the light.
And I thank God everyday
for that because
I would have never forgiven you.
I love you, Mommy.
Always and forever.
They way it always should have been.

copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2012

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