Monday, March 26, 2012

Bipolar Sisters

The way you cling to my heart,
The way you love me and we’ll
Never be apart.

I love you dearly, my sweet soul sister.
And will ‘til the day I die.

We are so alike in so many ways.
And yet so different in other ways.

Our Bipolar ways  keep us from
Going our separate directions.
Yet you know how to control your
Symptoms, unlike me, who needs
Medicine to keep me from going wacko.

Even if we have words to speak with
One another about the others actions.
We speak to each other about them and
Solve each problems with words of wisdom
And love and honesty.

I feel I haven’t been fair to you lately
Because of my actions.
And you brought me up on my mistakes.
That’s what friends do.

Now we’re family in a whole other sense
And will never go our separate ways.
I thank God every day that you’re in my life.
Because without you, I would be depressed
All over again and I don’t want to live that life.

Thank you for being a honest friend.
I’ve never had that in a friend before.
I love you to space and back., baby doll.
Always and forever.

copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2012

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