Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tea With Laika

Do you ever have those
Moments when you stare
Off into space and just
Think about random thoughts?

Today in Wonderland,
Laika spoke the Queen's English
and invited me to tea.

We chatted about the weather,
the latest in Goth fashion,
what new make-up was in style,
and what the song of the day was.
For me it was, "Fight Like a Girl" by Emilie Autumn.
Laika's song was "In a World of My Own" by Disney's
Alice in Wonderland soundtrack.
We talked about her kids.
Had a moment of silence for Luna.
Complemented Star on her looks.
It was a pleasant afternoon
Having tea with Laika.

Now I drink tea alone.
Everyone has gone to bed.
I'm the only one in the house awake.
The clock strikes Midnight.
Time to take my medication
So I can go to sleep.
And have another adventure
while I dream.

copyright © Karen Elizabeth Waters 2012

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