Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady!!!

I guess I should introduce my children.  You know how people go on about their kids and how they're growing up, I wonder, if because I couldn't be a mother is the reason why I had to surround myself with felines.  Eight, soon to be nine.  I'm getting my sister's one cat, Maple until she's established in Arizona and has the City of Light built.  I'm not sure I understand her, so I won't get into everything she's into.  But know my sister is a very wise soul filled with light and love.

Anyway, Maple will be living here for a little while.  Right now there's just my kitties. Loki (Loo Loo), Fabian (Faby Baby or Mr. Boney Butt),  They're my little old men.  They turn 15 this year.  Loo turns 15 first on the 17th of March.  He's my Irish Kitty.  Named for the mischievous trickster , Loki.  He always gets in trouble.  He loves cheese, especially Kraft White American Cheese Slices.  That's his all time favorite!  Fabian is my stray cat from Clifton Springs, NY.  He came to live with me on Black Friday in 1998.  So he just had his birthday.  Surprisingly they are healthy cats and well taken care of.  So they're not gimped up or anything like that.  Well, Loo has a gimp ear.  I will never know how he got that blister on his ear.

Tristan a.k.a. Beepers.  Or just Beep.  Beep doesn't meow.  When he meows, if ever, he beeps instead of a meow sound.  He's my favorite redhead.  My only redhead.  Unless you count me then there's just the two of us.  He's the only man I'll ever love.  Yeah, he's very special to me.  He came to me from a farm right outside of Curwensville.  He'll be 12 this year.  Mom's favorite redhead is growing up so fast.

Ahhh...yes, then there's Laika.  Named after a band I was really getting into back then.  There's a story about her.  When my sister and her boyfriend at the time lived down by J.G. Food warehouse, we were going out to the cars and Kristen took notice of a small female cat.  The cat came up to her, if I remember this correctly, I could be sooooo wrong.  My medication has erased a lot of memories.  I have short term memory loss from the pill, Topamax.  We, mad men and women nick named that pill, Dopamax.  Because you acted like a dope.

Sorry about thrown off track.  So this little kitty comes over to us and won't leave me alone.  It followed me across the street and kept meowing and making this clucking noise, which later found out this is the way she talks to you.  You would have to hear her to know what I mean.  She can get real bossy and whiny.  And she's a bad girl.  So I got in the car, the window was down and she jumped into the back seat with me through the window and I said to her, "Hi Laika!"  I knew from the get-go that she was going to be named, Laika.  She came to me in a very good time in my life.  And she brought three kittens several months later.

Luna Belle.  May she be dancing with Mino and playing with all the other cats from my past.  She died the day of Mino's anniversary burial date.   Feb. 22, 2002 at seven months old of distemper.  I will never forget that day for as long as I live.  Not only was it the day my grandmother was put into the ground, it was the most horrifying experience to have happen to me.  To lose a pet in 24 hours and it's still a kitten.  That vet was the most horrible fucking woman on the planet!  She held my baby, Luna, with such disdain I wanted to punch her lights out.  Instead I let her take my Luna and give her pain medicine and keep watch over her overnight.  I bet she went home instead of staying.  Bitch!  I told Dr. Cosner about what happened.  And stopped going to Herrings.  I called, no my sister had to call because I was in shock and bawling my eyes hysterically.  This was before I ever had a anxiety attack.  Thank God because I wouldn't have been able to deal with that.  I hardly was dealing with it when it was happening then.  Both Vets were unavailable and the 24 hour animal hospital was closed for whatever reason.  I had to drive in Amish country with my poor cousin who held that kitten and loved her while she got closer and closer to death.  And because it was in Amish country, the Vet there was none too thrilled about being gotten up at three in the morning for a girl and her dying kitten.  She didn't care that I saw Luna come into the world.  That she was Laika's second kitten.  The middle child.  Tristan's favorite out of the three kittens.  The other two are Dexter and Stardust.

Stardust a.k.a. Star or Twink is my Princess.  She was the first born out of the kittens.  She's very shy and skittish.  She's my little girl.  I love her very much.  She sleeps with me every night.  I sleep crisscross across my bed.    She sleeps in the corner of the bed where no one is bothering her.  Sometimes she sleeps on me, but that hasn't been lately.  She's gotten to be a little pudgy.  It's cute.  My little girl is cute.  She has very expressive eyes.  That whole kitty family have very expressive eyes.  Then of course there's...DEMON CAT...DEMON CAT...DEMON CAT!!!!  *growls and chants while head banging*  That's Chandra's song for Laika.  *laughs*  Sorry about that.

Then there's Dexter.  Known to all who know him as Dexter "Look!"  because he's always bug eyed and DEMON CAT eyed and he looks and he looks and he looks again.  Dexter Look likes to tell me when to go to bed.  It could be eight o' clock at night and he'll start telling me to go to bed.  Or follow me into the bathroom and ask for attention while I'm doing my human moments.  He's also known as Big Baby.

Which brings me to the one and only Spooky Salem.  Spooky for short and for even shorter, Poo Poo Kitty.  He is my one true and only feline soul mate.  He is my baby.  He's a mamma's boy through and through.  He only comes around when he wants attention and that's never if your name is Chandra or Justin.  He wigged the hell out tonight when he thought it was cool to flop in my arms and be all cute and Justin walked in and scared the absolute HELL out of him.  He's a bigger baby when it comes to people.  He loves me unconditionally and I love him unconditionally.  We were meant to be together.

And finally, there's my beautiful, Sasha.  She's my tortoiseshell kitty.  Very sleek and friendly as can be.  She'll knead you on your first date.  *Laughs*  I wish I would have gotten her fixed.  I think she's too old now.  She came here in 2005.  Now I have to put up monthly with her howling and yowling that she need's to get laid.  I know, I'm a horrible mother.  I'm not letting her go outside and getting pregnant.  As a matter of fact, she doesn't want anything to do with the outside world.  I just wish she wasn't so loud and annoying.  Beside dealing with Sasha being all about the "single ladies" thing.  That girl has to realize by now she's not getting any.

And there are my eight children.  I didn't count Luna.  I got sidetracked remembering that horrible incident with the Vet and Luna.  But yeah, that's all of them.  Now the world knows me officially as the crazy cat lady!  These are old pictures.  From over a year ago perhaps even two years.  First cat is Stardust, the next cat is Fabian.  Next is Beepers.  Then my baby, Spooky.  Then Laika looking all DEMON CAT...DEMON CAT...DEMON CAT!!!  The Loo.  Sasha and finally, Dexter Look!

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