Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Full Circle of Anxiety

I’m numb from head to toe
And I feel like a pair of eyes
Floating in outer space.
My vision is faded;
Black and white static lies
Upon reality with vast
Auditory hallucinations
Surrounding me like being
In a deprivation tank.
I take a deep breath.
Let it out slowly.
When was the last
Time I took a breath?
Is it time to take another breath?
My stomach burns and an
Impending doom fills my
Head and I’m afraid
I’ll see God again.
I’m not ready to leave.
There’s so much more
I’m supposed to do.

Go away feelings
Of dread!
Get away, get out
Of my head!

My heart begins to race
And I randomly sigh like
I’m bored with all this
This lasts for at least a good
Twenty to thirty minutes.

Sometimes I twitch.
Sometimes I itch.
And I pick up Black Beauty
And smoke the new
Breakthrough in smoking.

Water!  Water! 
Cotton mouth sucks!

Is it time for all of this madness to stop?
Close my eyes and wake if you dare.
Dare to do it all over again.

Copyright© 2012 Karen Elizabeth Waters

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